“Trump’s Presidency Summed Up in Less Than 30 Seconds…” – Animated Super Short- (politics / comedy)

Video by Joseph Donnison


“Lyin’ Ass Fredo Trump” – Animated super short – (politics / comedy)

Music by Henry Rollins

Video by Joseph Donnison


TALES OF CHAFED: “Peanuts and Sodi” – Animated Short (comedy/ suspense)

Putting peanuts in soda doesn’t necessary make you a bad person. Being an assassin specializing in explosives… well, that’s another issue entirely.

*Episode 1.5 in the “Tales of Chafed” series


TALES OF CHAFED: “Mary Mayford” – Animated Short (comedy/ suspense)

Everyone who knew Mary Mayford thought she was destined to leave town just as soon as she got a chance. But when Mary suddenly disappears, her loved ones suspect the worst…

*Pilot episode in “Tales of Chafed” series


“Bucket-Boy McCoy”– Animated Short (comedy/ suspense)

Way back when, in the mysterious town of Chafed, a baby boy was found in a bucket. For reasons obvious enough, the baby was named Buck… Buck “Bucket-Boy” McCoy. This is his story.

* This short is the first installment/ prequel in the “Tale of Chafed” series.


“The Preacher and the Heimlich” – Animated Short Film (comedy/ documentary)

Who ever said, the road to hell is paved with good intentions may have been speaking of Pastor Charles Harvington. A whole hell of a lot of people died ’cause of ol’ Pastor Harvington. A whole hell of a lot…

* BASED ON A REAL STORY by Joseph Donnison