Introducing… Bojo the Hippo!!!

Introducing… “Beau Jo the Hippo” – written and illustrated by J. Donnison!!! We here at White Hippo have been working on this children’s book for months now and we are FINALLY approaching the finish line. God willing, this heartwarming tale will be available for purchase by early December, just in time for the holiday season!! Oh happy days!! Here’s a sneak peek of the oh so adorable Beau Jo for all y’all!  Have a wonderful day and keep an eye out for “Beau Jo the Hippo” coming very soon!!! Cheers & Mahalo =)

Link to White Hippo Store:

Image 3- JPG-01

Image 5-JPG-01

Image 6- alt direction- JPG-01

Image 8-9- JPG-01

Image 11- JPG-02-01

Image 13a-JPG-01

Page 18- Fox Looks at Stuffing- correct stuffing placement-01

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