Long Sleeve Tees!!!

‘Tis the season… for long sleeve Tees!!! And we have some of the best long sleeve graphic tees in the game! These beautifully designed, oh so comfy long sleeve tees will have people telling you, “Now THAT’S a kickass long sleeve tee!” And you know what? They’ll be right, ’cause our long sleeve tees are kickass. Don’t believe us? Get one for your damn self and prove us right!  Have a blessed day friendos!! 🎄🍻🤙🏽 ***

Link to White Hippo Store:  bit.ly/2pPJpla

Hippo Long Sleeve_ NavyBunny Long Sleeve _BlackKiller Whales _ BlueLB Long Sleeve _ NavyHollywood Long Sleeve_ NavyHollyweed Long Sleeve _ blueRESIST _ Long Sleeve Black

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