Bojo the Hippo!


Bojo the Hippo has surpassed all my expectations. It has been called, “an instant classic,” AND, “… the best children’s book about a stuffed hippo, EVER!” I’ve received more than three letters of appreciation from Bojo fans, all of which were written by exceptionally intelligent children who are undoubtedly destined for greatness. I even received a proper Bojo book report which was awesome! If you’re looking for a fun book for the child in your life, may I recommend the much beloved… Bojo the Hippo! Now available at Amazon and 🦛❤️ @bojothehippo *

So, what’s Bojo the Hippo about?? “Bojo the Hippo,” tells the tale of an adorable little stuffed hippo who is sent on a fortuitous odyssey of bouncing, flying, and crashing through town and country. Bojo’s adventure is not without peril as the little stuffed hippo suffers injures along the way. Bojo’s luck returns when he meets new friends, Shnacks the fox and Albin the owl, who help Bojo find safety and a new loving home.
Written and illustrated by J. Donnison, this beautifully designed children’s book will warm the hearts of readers of all ages… but has a suggested audience of readers ages 5-8. Good fun for everyone! Now available in paperback and Kindle editions. Get your copy today! *** available at Amazon and *** 🦅🦉🦊







Bojo End page- 8x10-01

Back page complete-03

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