Cartoonists are NOT the Problem…


The Grey Lady, AKA the New York Times, has fired its editorial cartoonists. One shitty editor approved one especially shitty cartoon and the New York Times has all but abandoned editorial cartoons… These cartoons play an important part in journalism, especially in this era in which attention spans seem shorter than ever. It’s the whole, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” thing. In just a glance, an editorial cartoon can tell a story and spark emotions the written word can only envy. In short… cartoonists are not the problem!!! (GIANT SIGH). Regardless of your politics or opinions, I’m sure we can all agree, big journalism can and should do better.

* This editorial cartoon was drawn by Joseph Donnison. * ✌🏽🦛 * Link to White Hippo store-> *

Trump PJs-2-02

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